Bring true-contact haptics to VR design

Bring true-contact haptics to VR design

Haptic prototypes: feel your design in virtual reality

HaptX Gloves DK2 expands the capabilities of industrial design and engineering teams who employ VR in their product development workflows. It is the only product to bring realistic touch and natural interaction to industrial design, modeling, prototyping, and review processes that occur in virtual reality. 

Our products enable product teams to prototype swiftly in VR, experiencing each virtual design with unprecedented realism. This combines the speed and flexibility of CAD software with the value of physical interaction and testing, enabling a more efficient VR workflow and reducing time to market. 

Save time

Review and update design prototypes in VR to make real-time product iterations. 

Reduce costs

Curtail spending on expensive physical prototypes by using bits instead of atoms.

Get better feedback

Test early prototypes with users to make better design decisions, faster.

Enhancing realism with VR and haptics

VR headsets and real-time 3D software tools bring immersive visuals to product development. Leading firms in the automotive, consumer products, and architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries are using HaptX Gloves DK as part of their VR design workflow.

Virtual reality improves a designer’s ability to view what a hardware product will look like. But when it comes to simulating the way a user will touch and interact with a product, existing options fall short.  The motion controllers packaged with VR headsets do a poor job of replicating the way users will touch and interact with a physical product. Imagine testing a virtual vehicle in this scenario: users don’t drive while holding plastic gaming controllers in their hands.

For this reason, user experience (UX) design reviews rely on building physical prototypes that users can manipulate in their hands. While this provides realistic tactile feedback, physical prototypes are costly and time consuming to produce.

HaptX Gloves DK2 blends the flexibility of VR with the realism of physical prototypes, enabling virtual design reviews that can save designers time and money while giving them a more complete sense of the end user experience. Design teams use HaptX Gloves DK2 to prototype swiftly in VR, experiencing each virtual design with unprecedented realism. This combines the speed and flexibility of CAD software with the value of physical interaction and testing, enabling a more efficient VR workflow and reducing time to market.

Case study: Nissan designers use HaptX Gloves 

Designing a new car model is a long, expensive process. It takes years between the first 3D rendering to sitting behind the wheel of the first drivable vehicle.  

Nissan Motor Company uses virtual reality in its design process to visualize the driver’s experience. However, existing options around touch and input in VR didn’t meet the automaker’s high standards for quality.  

HaptX teamed up with Nissan to expand their team’s capabilities in VR design. HaptX Gloves let you grip the steering wheel, navigate touchscreen menus, and feel the click of activating a turn signal. Nissan’s designers used HaptX Gloves to feel and interact with 3D models virtually, performing immersive design reviews with a sense of touch that would have previously required a full-scale physical prototype.  

By reducing the need for physical prototypes, HaptX can save automakers like Nissan significant time and money in their design process, helping them make better decisions faster.

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HaptX Gloves DK2 is a development kit made for simulation, design, and research professionals who are pioneering the future of VR and robotics.

HaptX Gloves DK2 provide realistic touch sensation unlike any other device. Built with patented microfluidic technology, they’re the only gloves that deliver industrial-grade performance required for professional applications.

Fortune 500 companies and government agencies use HaptX Gloves for VR training, design, and telerobotics. With our DK2 release, your organization can now realize the benefits of HaptX Gloves.

Whether you’re training your workforce, designing a new product, or controlling robots from a distance, HaptX Gloves make it feel real.

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