Virtual reality has never felt this real

Virtual reality has never felt this real

The only VR gloves with true-contact haptics

Leading head-mounted displays deliver immersive visuals and audio, but they’re packaged with plastic controllers that are designed for gaming. Professional VR users need to use their hands naturally and feel what they see. HaptX Gloves DK2 bring your real hands into the virtual environment and enable a new suite of enterprise VR solutions.

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Powered by industrial-grade haptic technology

There are a handful of approaches to haptic technology. Most haptic products use vibration feedback. Other VR gloves use force feedback exoskeletons as the sole mode of feedback. Some even use electricity to stimulate users. Each of these approaches falls short of providing a convincing level of realism.

At long last: haptic feedback that feels like the real thing. HaptX’s patented microfluidic technology provides true-contact haptics unlike any other device. HaptX Gloves DK2 features a combination of detailed tactile feedback, dynamic force feedback, and sub-millimeter motion tracking required for professional VR applications.

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Train with HaptX: Build real muscle memory in VR

Training providers face a trade-off between virtual and live training. Virtual training is low cost and repeatable, but sacrifices realism and efficacy. Live training is immersive and effective, but can be costly, unsafe, and difficult to repeat.

HaptX Gloves DK2 lets you train without compromise. Trainees can use their hands naturally to build muscle memory in VR. HaptX Gloves merge the realism of live training with the scalability of virtual training. With room-scale mobility, full-body presence, and multi-user networking, HaptX Gloves DK2 enables organizations to conduct hyper-realistic group training simulations.

Learn more about haptic VR training solutions.

haptx tactor panel
haptx tactor panel

Design with HaptX: Feel tomorrow’s product today

Today, designers and engineers can’t interact with a product until after they build a physical  prototype. With HaptX Gloves DK2, teams can touch and interact with 3D models throughout the product design process. Multi-user networking makes real-time haptic design reviews possible at a global scale for the first time. 

HaptX Gloves DK2 enables teams to prototype swiftly in VR, experiencing each virtual design with unprecedented realism. This combines the speed and flexibility of CAD software with the value of physical interaction and testing, enabling a more efficient VR workflow and reducing time to market. 

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VR experts agree: Nothing feels as real as HaptX

HaptX Ces Award

Winner: Best of Show at CES 2020 – UploadVR

At CES 2020 the company that impressed us the most in terms of the technology feeling groundbreaking and truly impactful for the future of the VR/AR landscape, was definitely HaptX. Their haptic feedback gloves worked great and the telepresence robot demo was surprisingly articulated…. The future looks bright for haptics (and HaptX) in VR.Read the article on UploadVR

HaptX’s VR Glove is the Closest I’ve Come to Touching the Virtual World – Road to VR

“HaptX, a company building a VR glove offering impressively detailed haptic feedback as well as force feedback, is steadily improving. My hands-on with their latest device—which is smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than prior iterations—offered me moments of magic where it felt like my hand was actually interacting with real objects… HaptX’s glove offers the most detailed and convincing haptics and force feedback that I’ve tried to date.” Read the article on Road to VR

“Everything else that I’ve seen so far hasn’t been anywhere near as close or as good as the HaptX Glove.” – Voices of VR

“Overall, HaptX is making rapid progress and huge leaps with their haptics technologies and they’ve crossed a threshold for becoming useful enough for a number of different enterprise and military training applications… They’re getting to the point where it’s good enough to start to be used creatively in training and narrative experiences.” Listen to the podcast from Voices of VR

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HaptX Gloves DK2 is a development kit made for simulation, design, and research professionals who are pioneering the future of VR and robotics.

HaptX Gloves DK2 provide realistic touch sensation unlike any other device. Built with patented microfluidic technology, they’re the only gloves that deliver industrial-grade performance required for professional applications.

Fortune 500 companies and government agencies use HaptX Gloves for VR training, design, and telerobotics. With our DK2 release, your organization can now realize the benefits of HaptX Gloves.

Whether you’re training your workforce, designing a new product, or controlling robots from a distance, HaptX Gloves make it feel real.

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