Haptic feedback that makes it feel real.

Haptics is the science and technology of touch. For decades, haptic feedback has been synonymous with vibrating motors. Vibrations are useful for smartphone notifications, but you’d never mistake a buzz for touching a real object.

HaptX takes a new approach to haptics. Our patented microfluidic system is the only technology capable of providing true-contact haptics. Regardless of the task at hand, HaptX Gloves make it feel real.

an image of two gloved hands working to create the haptx textile

Microfluidic skin

Our microfluidic skin provides true-contact haptics for realism that other haptic devices can’t match. Tactile actuators displace skin up to 2mm to apply physical pressure, replicating the sensation of real-world objects.

We pack these actuators tightly together in flexible, silicone panels and weave them into our Gloves. With more than 130 points of feedback per hand, HaptX Gloves DK2 achieves fingertip-level realism, setting a new benchmark for haptic feedback performance.

Force feedback exoskeleton

Our lightweight force-feedback exoskeleton is powered by the same actuation technology as our skin. HaptX’s high-power-density, pneumatic actuators enable the exotendons in our HaptX Gloves to apply up to eight lbs. of force to per digit (40 lbs. per hand). These resistive forces complement the true-contact haptics produced by the microfluidic skin, enhancing the perception of size, shape, and weight of virtual objects.

Magnetic motion tracking

Realistic haptic feedback requires extremely precise motion tracking. HaptX developed a proprietary motion capture system that leads the industry in accuracy.

HaptX’s magnetic motion tracking and hand simulation system achieves sub-millimeter precision, with 30 degrees of freedom (DoF) per hand, no perceivable latency, and no occlusion. Our software automatically generates an individualized, physically-accurate hand model and renders a full body avatar for enhanced immersion.

Powerful pneumatics

HaptX is pioneering a new generation of precision pneumatic components. Our Air Controller dynamically routes airflow for precise haptic performance. Featuring nearly 150 pressure regulated channels, it can fully inflate any actuator in HaptX Gloves in less than 30ms, resulting in no perceptible latency. With desktop and backpack configurations, it delivers industrial-grade haptics without sacrificing mobility.

Our Smart Compressor provides continuous air supply with quiet operation. With a compact, low maintenance design, it can operate inside offices and other noise-sensitive environments.

Software development kit

The HaptX SDK enables developers to create touch-enabled experiences. At the heart of the HaptX SDK is a framework for physical simulation of haptic interactions.

With SteamVR support and plug-ins for Unreal Engine and Unity, it’s easy to create haptic VR experiences for HaptX Gloves DK2. We provide a low-level C++ API that’s ROS-capable, allowing for integration with robotic equipment.

Trailblazing haptic R&D

HaptX’s multidisciplinary team includes mechanical, software, electrical, and biomedical engineers. The engineering team is applying novel tools and methodologies to pioneer a new approach to haptics and crack the toughest problems in human-machine interaction.

From lower-body exoskeletons that let you move through a limitless VR environment, to thermal feedback systems that let you feel the fire of a dragon’s breath, our team is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with haptic technology. Our mission is to bring lifelike touch to digital experiences, and we won’t stop until you can’t tell what’s real from what’s virtual.

Video spotlight: Watch HaptX technology in action

Smarter Every Day: A Real Life Haptic Glove

“I didn’t think VR is going to catch on, but HaptX has changed my mind.” – Destin Sandlin

We hosted Destin Sandlin the engineer/educator/YouTuber behind the popular Smarter Every Day video series for a rare look inside the HaptX Laboratory in San Luis Obispo, California. Destin had long been a virtual reality skeptic, but he changed his outlook about VR’s future after experiencing true-contact haptics for the first time.

Smarter Every Day Part 2: How do you make a Virtual Reality Glove?

In part two of our video with Smarter Every Day, Destin speaks with the engineers behind HaptX Gloves about the science, psychology, and physiology behind simulating realistic touch. We also share a demo of our thermal (hot and cold) feedback technology.

Adam Savage’s Tested – Hands-On with HaptX VR Haptic Gloves!

Norman Chan at Tested is known for giving thorough, honest critiques of the latest tech hardware. He goes hands-on with HaptX Gloves and comes away thoroughly impressed with the experience. Norm also interviews Jake Rubin, HaptX founder & CEO, about the research that went into building HaptX Gloves.

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HaptX Gloves DK2 is a development kit made for simulation, design, and research professionals who are pioneering the future of VR and robotics.

HaptX Gloves DK2 provide realistic touch sensation unlike any other device. Built with patented microfluidic technology, they’re the only gloves that deliver industrial-grade performance required for professional applications.

Fortune 500 companies and government agencies use HaptX Gloves for VR training, design, and telerobotics. With our DK2 release, your organization can now realize the benefits of HaptX Gloves.

Whether you’re training your workforce, designing a new product, or controlling robots from a distance, HaptX Gloves make it feel real.

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