SDK to cover all of your needs

The HaptX Dashboard and robust tool set makes it easy for developers to start creating nuanced haptics effects in your organization’s digital worlds, using the HaptX SDK’s robust toolset.

Start building haptics right away with the HaptX SDK

Need to feel the jolt of a hammer striking metal or the elastic give when it hits rubber? Objects snapping into place with a satisfying “click”? Use vibration to guide a learner toward proper handling of a precision handheld tool? It’s all here.

Realistic Tactile Feedback

Our SDK comes equipped with tools to apply tactile haptic properties on a per object basis.

Precision Force Feedback

Force Feedback settings can be toggled to apply realistic size, shape and rigidity to virtual objects.

Hand Animation

Custom algorithms render natural looking and behaving virtual hands based on motion capture data.

Grasping Algorithms

Custom algorithms render natural looking and behaving virtual hands based on motion capture data.

Vibrotactile Feedback

Create high-frequency tactile effects like surface roughness, impact and machinery vibrations with our advanced vibrotactile feedback.


With our vast and growing network of SDK documentation and tutorials, help is a click away.

Touch perception enabled for the entire team

A ground-breaking, multiuser haptic feature enables workers to feel the same virtual objects while in the same virtual environment. Yes, with HaptX Gloves you really can reach out and touch someone.

Accelerate time to deployment

Best practices in HaptX development are based on our intention to enable developers who have no previous haptics coding experience to easily get up and running with the HaptX SDK – starting off development using standard handheld VR controllers, without having HaptX Gloves on hand.

Add HaptX across
many VR platforms

Unreal Engine Plugin

Bring the power of touch sensation to your Unreal Engine projects with our extensive Unreal Plugin.

Unity Plugin

Let amazing haptics bring your Unity applications to the next level with our extensive Unity Plugin.


Our C++ API and Starter Project allows you to create and integrate custom applications.

Add HaptX to robotics integrations

Simple steps to get started today

  1. Register now for access to HaptX Support site 
  2. Download HaptX SDK 3.0 to your compatible system
  3. Start developing advanced haptic effects — even before your Gloves arrive!

HaptX Gloves Support

With your purchase of HaptX Gloves G1 systems, you will receive support and guidance – all human – to ensure your satisfaction and set you up for success with haptics.

Let's discuss your project & goals.

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