Haptic robotics

with HaptX Gloves DK2


Haptic robotics with HaptX Gloves DK2


Haptic control of robot hands from anywhere

Companies around the world are using HaptX Gloves DK2 with their robotic integrations. HaptX Gloves DK2 can be used to control robotic hands, grippers, and arms, enabling the user to control robots from a distance and feel what the robot feels. This enables continuous natural interaction and provides critical touch information to the operator.

HaptX Gloves DK2 are used to control the Tactile Telerobot, the world’s first robotic system capable of transmitting true-contact haptics to an operator located anywhere in the world. HaptX developed this telerobot alongside the Converge Robotics Group, a consortium formed by international companies to advance what’s possible in haptics and robotics. Read more about Converge Robotics Group.

Worldwide touch, world-class technology

Converge’s Tactile Telerobot integrates three products, each the leader in its respective category. HaptX Gloves bring industrial-grade haptic feedback and natural interaction for precise and intuitive input control. Shadow Dexterous Hands mimic human hand dexterity, replicating the movements and position of the human operator’s hand. SynTouch BioTac sensors capture tactile information and transmits haptic feedback data back to the operator’s hand with high accuracy and low latency.

The Tactile Telerobot is a first-of-its-kind system and is now available for advanced research and development in teleoperation.

Key benefits of The Tactile Telerobot:

  • Natural interaction
    Robot operators intuitively control robotic hands, with little to no training required.
  • Realistic haptic feedback
    Tactile and force feedback give the operator critical control information, improving speed and reducing errors.
  • High dexterity
    Capture of full range of hand motion
  • Precise control
    Sub-millimeter motion capture accuracy
  • Remote operation
    Control robot from anywhere in the world

The Tactile Telerobot in the news

“Weirdly natural... That is really impressive. The tactile feedback is tremendous.”

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon

The Tactile Telerobot made its public debut in June 2019 at the Amazon re:MARS conference. You can read more about our demo for Jeff Bezos in this GeekWire article.

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HaptX Gloves DK2 is a development kit made for simulation, design, and research professionals who are pioneering the future of VR and robotics.

HaptX Gloves DK2 provide realistic touch sensation unlike any other device. Built with patented microfluidic technology, they’re the only gloves that deliver industrial-grade performance required for professional applications.

Fortune 500 companies and government agencies use HaptX Gloves for VR training, design, and telerobotics. With our DK2 release, your organization can now realize the benefits of HaptX Gloves.

Whether you’re training your workforce, designing a new product, or controlling robots from a distance, HaptX Gloves make it feel real.

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