Realistic touch enables a new suite of enterprise VR training and design solutions. Learn how HaptX can transform your business.

Training and simulation

Use your real hands in VR to unlock the potential of virtual training.

People learn skills faster with VR training, but they need more than plastic controllers and consumer-grade wearables for their interactions to feel realistic.

HaptX lets you use your real hands in VR to interact precisely with virtual objects. With HaptX, organizations can create training solutions that are flexible, affordable, and more effective.

“Immersive technologies like HaptX are positioned to truly change the way our Armed Forces train for missions.”

Jarid Cottrell, Principal at Booz Allen Hamilton

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Location-based entertainment

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Feel the magic of VR with your hands.

Have you ever wanted to feel a dragon’s scales? Hurl fireballs from your fingertips? Hoist yourself up a cliffside on Mars? With VR, you can immerse yourself in alternate realities, but you can’t feel the places and objects you encounter. Until now.

HaptX Gloves let you feel the texture and shape of virtual objects from the mundane to the miraculous. With HaptX, location-based entertainment companies can now deliver a new kind of jaw-dropping experience to audiences. Read more about HaptX’s recent Lumiere Award and participation at the Sundance Film Festival.

“After using HaptX Gloves, I can’t imagine immersive entertainment without them.”

Marcie Jastrow, SVP Immersive Media at Technicolor

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Theme parks

VR Arcades

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Events and marketing

Design and manufacturing

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Accelerate your design with HaptX.

Today, designers and engineers can’t physically interact with a product until after they build a prototype. With HaptX, they can feel 3D models throughout the product design process.

HaptX enables professionals to swiftly prototype, experiencing each virtual design with unprecedented realism. The technology combines the speed and flexibility of CAD/CAM software with the value of physical interaction and testing, enabling a more efficient VR workflow and reducing time to market.

“We are very excited by the progress that HaptX and others in the haptic wearables space are making.  Our customers have expressed strong interest in integrating touch into their VR design workflows.”

Joel Pennington, AR & VR Strategy and Development at Autodesk


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Architecture, engineering, and construction

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