HaptX’s technology delivers the most realistic touch sensations in the world, and I’m one of the lucky few who gets to share it with people.

Over the past year, I’ve introduced people from all walks of life to our HaptX demos. They range from 6 to 91 years of age. Some are industry experts who have seen every virtual reality demo out there. Others have never seen a VR headset before in their life.

They React with Delight

jake rubin's grandpa in vr

Jake Rubin shares HaptX’s HaptX demo with his grandfather.

They squeal with glee at the deer dancing on their hand. They grimace and whimper as a they feel eight dancing legs of a virtual spider. Their minds are blown when a dragon breathes fire across their hand.

For me, watching people react is the best part of the HaptX demo. That’s why we created this reaction video. It features such visceral responses, you’ll think these are paid actors. They’re not. They’re technology professionals, VR developers, two rocket scientists, and a law clerk experiencing the magical combination of virtual reality and HaptX technology.

Hopefully, this video is the next best thing to experiencing HaptX for yourself. Enjoy!