Kent Bye’s Voices of VR is the de facto podcast for those interested in virtual and augmented reality. At GDC this year, Jake Rubin, HaptX founder and CEO, sat down with Kent to discuss HaptX’s advanced haptics technology. The Voices of VR has hosted an array of thought leaders, including Tom Furness, Nonny de la Peña, and Mel Slater.

From Kent Bye:

“I had a chance to talk with HaptX CEO Jake Rubin about the process of creating a generalized haptic device, their plans for an exoskeleton for force feedback, and how they’re creating tactile pixels to simulate a cutaneous sensation of different shapes and texture properties. Rubin said that that the Experiential Age only has one end point, and that’s full immersion. In order to create something like the Holodeck, Rubin thinks that a generalized haptic device will unlock an infinite array of applications and experiences that will be analogous to what general computing devices have enabled. HaptX is not a system that’s going to be ready for consumer home applications any time soon, but their microfluidic approach for haptics is a foundational technology that is going to be proven out in simulation training, engineering design, and digital out of home entertainment applications.”

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