HaptX Gloves G1

Realistic touch for training, robotics, and other digital environments. The industry’s most advanced haptic gloves, now available for the workforce of today… and tomorrow.

Feel the tactile complexity of the physical world

Inside the Gloves, lining your fingers and palms, are hundreds of microfluidic tactile actuators that physically displace your skin. When you touch and interact with virtual objects, they feel real. Only true-contact haptics, now with vibrotactile support, let your VR operators feel the kick, grip, and rumble of a power tool.

Feel the size, shape, and solidity of virtual objects

Feel the heft and physical performance of working with objects, processes, and other people. Our flexible, integrated, Force Feedback Mechanism applies up to 40 lb of resistive force per hand, so you feel the size, weight, and shape of virtual objects.

Submillimeter motion tracking

Our proprietary magnetic motion capture system tracks all degrees of freedom per hand with no perceivable latency. The instant you grab a virtual object, even one in motion, you’ll feel that object in your grip.

Flexible configuration

The Airpack’s mobile configuration enables complete freedom of movement for applications involving ambulatory work environments. Powered by hot-swappable batteries, the mobile Airpack is completely wireless. It’s equipped with wifi to network to your application’s host PC.

The mobile Airpack’s ergonomically designed backpack mount also can be detached when you need to touch simulations in stationary seated or standing applications.

The mobile configuration includes two batteries, a battery charger, and an AC power cable.

HaptX Gloves G1 offers new features and functionality requested by the customers who deployed early HaptX Gloves Development Kits, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

The flow of compressed air is generated and precisely controlled by the redesigned console, the Airpack. The Airpack is shown above in its configuration for seated and standing applications. The operator can place the Airpack on any stable surface.

Technical Specifications

Glove Sizes

S, M, L, XL


~ 1 lb / glove

Skin Displacement

  • Stimulates 75% of hand’s touch receptors
  • Palm 0.06 in. (1.5mm)
  • Fingers 0.04 in. (0.9mm)
  • Tactile Feedback

  • More actuators than other gloves: 135 per hand
  • 1.5 mm max displacement
  • 9 psi (62 kPa) peak pressure
  • Microfluidic vibrotactile
  • Force feedback

  • Up to 8 lbf per finger
  • 23ms engagement time
  • Motion capture

  • 36 tracked DoF per Glove
  • 0.3mm rms positional resolution
  • Airpack

  • 20.7 x 10.4 x 4.9 in.
  • (52.5 x 26.5 x 12.3 cm)
  • Weight

    19.5 lbs. (8.8 kg)


    36 psi (250 kPa) max

    Noise Level

    55 dB (average graphics PC)

    Battery Life

  • 3 hours typical usage
  • 2 hours peak usage
  • Wifi Range

    100 ft. (30.5m)

    HaptX SDK

    The multifaceted toolkit for haptics creators drives workforce productivity and enables multiuser collaboration. The HaptX Software Development Kit is packed with an array of familiar tools, templates, sample apps, and prebuilt haptics effects that can be implemented in any enterprise-level virtual reality system or robotics control system.

    HaptX Support

    With your purchase of HaptX Gloves G1, you will receive support and guidance – all human – to ensure your satisfaction and set you up for success with haptics.


    If they don’t need to use HaptX Gloves simultaneously, a single pair of Gloves is all they need. HaptX Gloves G1 is shipped with a box of hygienic cloth Glove liners, so each worker has their own pair of liners to use with the shared HaptX Gloves.

    Your use case or application requirements, as well as the physical needs of the operator, will help you determine whether to configure each HaptX Gloves G1 system. For applications where the operator focuses on a fixed position in a virtual or digital environment, and doesn’t need to walk around inside the virtual environment, the desktop configuration is ideal.

    Another consideration is the Glove tether length. An Airpack configured for desktop operation is placed on a table or mounted behind or under a seat. It has shorter tether lengths per Glove (0.8m) to allow for ease of movement without the extra weight of the extended tether provided for a mobile configuration. The mobile configuration provides a longer tether for each Glove and a backpack accessory to hold the AIrpack and provide free movement within the area of operation.

    For those applications that require operator mobility, the Airpack’s mobile configuration is wireless: it’s equipped with wifi to network to your application’s host PC. The mobile configuration also includes two batteries, a battery charger, and an AC power cable.

    The HaptX SDK enables developers to implement the Gloves within their immersive environment or robotics systems. Haptic sensations and interactions are easy to add to VR applications based on Unity and Unreal Engine. To add haptics to other types of applications – CAD/CAE, GIS, and others — the HaptX SDK’s low-level C++ API enables integration with a range of real-time graphics engines. Roboticists will work with the HaptX SDK’s ROS node supporting ROS 1 and ROS 2, enabling teleoperation, machine learning, and computer vision.
    HaptX Gloves G1 customers can freely use the HaptX SDK without additional fees or licensing. To start haptics development with the HaptX SDK before you receive delivery of the HaptX G1 Gloves, please speak with your HaptX Sales representative.

    Yes. HaptX’s G1 Gloves system comes with a limited warranty of one year against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship. 

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