Our mission is to bring lifelike touch to digital experiences, and we won’t stop until you can’t tell what’s real from what’s virtual.

Crafting a New Approach

HaptX invents and builds wearable technology that simulates touch with unprecedented realism. By enabling natural haptic interaction in virtual reality and robotics, we open new frontiers. The multidisciplinary HaptX team includes mechanical, software, electrical, and biomedical engineers as well as human-machine interaction experts.

We’re pioneering a new approach to haptics to crack the toughest problems in human-machine interaction. Our mission is to bring lifelike touch to digital experiences, and we won’t stop until you can’t tell what’s real from what’s virtual.

Our vision

Touch is the most important missing element to realize the promise of spatial computing. We envision virtual and mixed reality environments imbued with the sensory richness of real life.

The HaptX Journey

HaptX is founded by Jake Rubin and Bob Crockett
HaptX files omnibus patent outlining full tech roadmap
First locomotion-capable lower-body exoskeleton is built
First whole-hand microfluidic tactile and thermal display is built
Development of the world's first microfluidic haptic glove
HaptX introduces Gloves DK1 - first commercial microfluidic haptic glove
First tactile telerobot - remotely operated robot with realistic touch feedback
HaptX intros Gloves DK2 - first microfluidic haptic glove in serial production
HaptX announces Gloves G1 - first mass-produced microfluidic haptic glove

Leadership Team

Jake Rubin

Jake spent half his life envisioning the full-body human-computer interface system that would become HaptX, the leading haptics company in creating realistic touch.

Dr. Bob Crockett

Bob is Professor and Chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Cal Poly. With over 25 years’ experience in systems engineering and technology development, Bob guides HaptX’s hardware development.

Joe Michaels
Chief Revenue Officer

Joe has spent over 15 years building global partnerships with technology companies, including work at Microsoft, where he negotiated deals with sports, media, and entertainment companies.

Joe Marino
VP, Engineering. Product

Joe Marino leads product management, taking HaptX Gloves from prototype to product. Prior to joining HaptX, Joe was a senior engineer at a cutting-edge microscopy startup.

Kim Oberg
VP, Sales

Kim started her career at Universal Music Group, then worked at Microsoft in business development for 14 years supporting online services. She later moved into enterprise virtual reality, and joined HaptX in 2018.

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