HaptX Announces Partnership with Advanced Input Systems and $12 Million Series A Funding

SEATTLE, WA – HaptX, the leading provider of realistic haptic technology, announced a strategic partnership with Advanced Input Systems along with a Series A financing round of $12 million. The financing will fund the production of the next generation of HaptX Gloves, the world’s most realistic haptic gloves for virtual reality and robotics. “Over the past year, we’ve had dozens of world-class companies successfully pilot our HaptX Gloves Development Kit,” said Jake Rubin, Founder [...]

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Nissan Design collaborates with HaptX to bring realistic touch to vehicle design

We’ve teamed up with Nissan to enhance their vehicle design process through virtual reality and realistic haptic feedback technology. Nissan’s designers are using HaptX Gloves to touch and interact with 3D models virtually, enabling immersive design reviews that would previously require costly full-scale physical prototypes. “We’re honored to see HaptX Gloves adopted as a tool by Nissan’s world-class design team." - Joe Michaels, HaptX Chief Revenue Officer “We are entering a [...]

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Physical-Digital Collision Course

We live in a time where the separation between our physical and digital worlds seems obvious: digital is software running locally or in a mystical cloud, and physical is something you can touch. Those worlds, however, are on a collision course, fueled by the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.

In the very near future, you’ll be able to touch digital objects and program physical environments.

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Team Rift vs. Team Vive: How about Team VR?

Technology blogs are buzzing about the first major showdown of the VR industry: the Oculus Rift vs the HTC Vive. Which has better content? Which has better specs? Which one will actually ship?

While there’s fun in the debate, it’s too early to pick sides. This industry is so young that there is more to be gained by growing the industry as a whole than fighting each other for a slice of the pie.

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