2018 Highlights: Award-winning VR gloves, global customers, and a growing team

A new generation of HaptX Gloves At HaptX, our team is celebrating a milestone-filled 2018. We started the year strong, receiving the Lumiere Technology Award in January, alongside companies like Disney and Microsoft. Weeks later, we traveled to Park City, Utah to debut our HaptX Glove prototype at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. We were the first VR company to introduce a prototype at Sundance since Oculus unveiled an early version of their Rift [...]

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2017 Highlights: Haptic Gloves, New Friends, New Headsets

At HaptX, our team is celebrating a momentous 2017. We closed the year with a bang, retiring the AxonVR moniker in November and adopting a new name: HaptX. With this change came the reveal of our new product, HaptX Gloves, a set of haptic gloves capable of producing realistic touch feedback. Sometimes the best measure of success is the quality of people a company attracts and maintains. In 2017, we added 13 full-time employees, [...]

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Farewell, AxonVR. Hello, HaptX.

Two years ago, I entered a nondescript office building in Bellevue, Washington. It was for a job interview, though I wasn’t sure exactly what I'd applied for. The startup was in stealth mode. They didn’t have a website. I couldn’t find anything on Google. I only knew the company was called “AxonVR.” I walked down brown and beige hallway adorned with flickering fluorescent lights and small office rooms with mahogany veneer tables. This was [...]

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Building the Right Team

When Jake Rubin came to me with the idea of building a full-body human machine interface, one thing was quickly clear: We were going to need a multidisciplinary team of engineers to have a chance at succeeding in his vision. Choosing the right people for a team is hard enough, and it’s more of a challenge when you’re trying to find engineers with the experience, breadth of expertise, and ambition to tackle a problem as big and revolutionary as what we aimed to do.

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