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Haptic Gloves for Games and Data Visualization

By Greg Bilsland Kate Edwards shares a quality with many people in the game industry: She didn’t set out to work in games. Edwards served as the Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association for five years, during which she fought to increase awareness about inclusivity and work-life balance for an industry that continues to rapidly evolve. Reflecting on her career and her time at the IGDA, she says that like [...]

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VR Gloves Go Mainstream with Ready Player One

By Greg Bilsland A couple months ago on a murky Seattle day, my colleague Andrew and I were at the HaptX office discussing the upcoming release of Ready Player One. The new trailer had dropped, and it showed a set of haptic VR gloves worn by protagonist Wade Watts. Having read the book, I wasn’t surprised to see haptic gloves featured in the movie; I was surprised to see them shown prominently [...]

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Voices of VR on HaptX’s Haptic Glove

"Everything else that I’ve seen so far hasn’t been anywhere near as close or as good as what I’ve seen with the HaptX Glove." -Kent Bye, Voices of VR Since 2014, the Voices of VR has produced over 600 episodes documenting the emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Kent Bye, the podcast's creator, has interview engineers, artists, filmmakers, futurists, and more--all in pursuit of answer the question: What is virtual reality's ultimate [...]

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What’s New in VR at Sundance 2018

Once a year, a quiet town in the hills outside Salt Lake City usurps Hollywood as the center of film and media. In just a few days, Park City will transform into a hub of filmmakers, actors, producers, and journalists looking for the next big thing in entertainment. Park City is an unsuspecting town. During the festival, its population quintuples. Blocks of hotels fill to capacity, forcing late-comers to find lodging an hour away [...]

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A History of Haptics: Electric Eels to an Ultimate Display

At HaptX, we periodically speak to leading experts in haptic technology, its history, and its applications. Greg Bilsland, Sr. Communications Manager at Haptx, recently spoke to David Parisi, an Associate Professor of Emerging Media at College of Charleston. His research “investigates the myriad interfaces between bodies and media technologies, with a particular emphasis on physical interactions with digital media.” He and several colleagues, including Mark Paterson and Jason E. Archer, recently curated a special [...]

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Haptics and UX Design in VR with Di Dang

Di Dang leads the Emerging Tech group at POP, a Seattle-based digital agency that develops technology solutions for enterprise clients. She’s worked there for 2 years and has designed the UX for a variety of VR and AR experiences. She also teaches at the School for Visual Concepts. We sat down with her to talk about UX design for VR, AR, MR, and using haptics. HaptX (Greg): Thanks for taking the time to sit [...]

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HaptX debuts haptic glove at Sundance, receives Lumiere Award

On December 6, the Sundance Film Institute announced its official selection for the New Frontier program for 2018. We're honored to share that HaptX's "Experience Realistic Touch in Virtual Reality" was chosen to debut its haptic glove at Sundance as one of the two selections in the New Technologies category. About New Frontier New Frontier is a program at the Sundance Film Festival that highlights experimental media and new technologies that are pushing the [...]

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An Interview with IDTechEx’s James Hayward

At HaptX, we’re working on haptics, an industry that almost every analyst has projected to have a double digital CAGR for the next five years. For that reason, we recently sought out James Hayward, an analyst with IDTechEx who focuses on wearables, sensors, and haptics to get his take on the broader industry trends and learn a little more about his approach to researching companies and new technologies.

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Unlocking the Creative Potential of Haptics

The realization of technology capable of delivering realistic and complex haptic feedback is like going from having a Kodak camera to having a digital camera with photoshop. We’ve unlocked a palette of tools, filters, and colors, all of which are unfettered from reality. In VR, we can edit not only the reality you can see, but also the reality you can feel.

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