Experience the power of touch in VR and robotics

HaptX equips your workforce with the industry’s most realistic touch simulation. Improve results while enjoying the sensory richness of real life.

HaptX Gloves G1

HaptX Gloves G1 turbocharges workforce training simulations, allowing team members to build vital muscle memory through precise, learn-by-doing experiences.

By accurately simulating detailed tactile feedback and physical resistance in hands-on training scenarios, organizations accelerate procedural learning for complex manual tasks such as surgery, manufacturing processes, materials handling, equipment maintenance, and more.

Feels like the real thing

Microfluidic smart textile lines HaptX Gloves, packed with hundreds of actuators that can push against your skin while force feedback is applied to your fingers.

Meanwhile, your hands are tracked by our submillimeter motion capture system. When you handle virtual objects, you feel their texture, size, rigidity, and other characteristics integral to business processes.

How Enterprise uses HaptX

HaptX Gloves G1 is built with enterprise markets in mind to bring best-in-class realism to training and design applications at organizations of all sizes. 

Our proprietary microfluidic approach enhances the productivity and precision of industrial, enterprise, healthcare, and government VR or robotics, providing high confidence in transferability of developed skills at a fraction of the cost.

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